Services Offered


PTC is a TEA approved non-public day school. Certified and highly trained staff provide small group and one on one instruction to a wide variety of instructional levels and needs. Experience ranges from 3 to 30 years in the field.  

Life Skills

The Providence Life Skills Center (PLSC) primary objective is to teach and train functional life skills (independent living skills, self-help skills, and social skills) in severely disabled adults.  In addition to functional life skills, staff teach vocational skills to promote the most independent lifestyle possible.

Community Based Instruction (CBI)

PTC’s community-based instruction (CBI), promotes the generalization of skills into the community.  CBI gives the students an opportunity to generalize life and social skills while experiencing Houston area sights that many handicapped individuals often don't experience.  The students go to grocery stores and to local restaurants. During our extended year program, we plan CBI's to the movies, swimming, bowling, the dollar store, the park and more.  Not only do these excursions make school more fun for the students, they also stimulate generalization of skills, incidental learning and communication.

Additional Services

  • Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapy
  • Extended Day/Extended Year Services
  • Holiday Care
  • In-Home Training
  • Informal Parent Training
  • Individual and Family Counseling
  • Case Management
  • Reintegration Training
  • Staff Training
  • Variety in Funding (ISD, Private, MRLA, Spaulding, etc.)

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