Providence T Center (PTC) was established in 1997 and licensed by TEA as a nonpublic day school for special needs students, ages 6-22. The students served require a smaller school setting, with a low staff to student ratio and is highly structured. The staff at PTC are highly trained in preventing and managing behaviors, especially aggressive behaviors toward self, others or property. In 2002, a day hab component was added to provide a continuum of services into adulthood as well as support for non-instructional days for students that need year round services. PTC offers services to students and adults with the following diagnosis- Autism, Intellectual Disability, Multiply Handicapped, Auditory Impairment, Visual Impairment and some forms of Emotional Disturbance.

PTC is a privately owned business with Anita M. Venditti as sole owner and director of the facility. Ms. Venditti has well over 40 years experience working with the special needs population. In addition, Ms. Venditti has a B.S. in Education with Special Education (Multiply Handicapped, Autism) as a specialty, as well as a Master in Education with Autism and Emotional Disturbance as a specialty. Ms. Venditti also has an advanced certification in Instructional Supervision. Sharon K. Macias has been employed at PTC since it first opened in 1997 and is Program Supervisor. Ms. Macias has a BA in Education with 27 years of experience in the field. Dr. Rafael Guerrero is the Consulting Psychiatrist on staff and has worked at PTC since 2006 with extensive experience in the field.

Please visit both of our brochures for more information or contact Anita or Sharon at (281)208-1117.


  • Education
  • Extended School Year
  • State and District Assessment Administration
  • Day Hab
  • Behavior Management
  • Year Round Program
  • Non-Instructional Days Support
  • Psychiatric Consultation and Medication Management
  • Training and Staff Support During Reintegration